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therobinsons's Journal

The Livejournal Meet The Robinsons Fan-Community
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Everything MTR!

The Robinsons
Hello and welcome to the Livejournal Meet The Robinsons community!
Created April 3rd, after noticing that there was no community dedicated to MTR on Livejournal. This community is intended for the discussion of all things MTR-related; the film and plot itself, characters, soundtrack and music, the game, etc. The posting of MTR-centric media: fanart, fanfiction, icons, and anything else you can come up with is also welcome. Please keep in mind that this community is for the serious discussion of Meet The Robinsons, so try to keep 'character posts' to a minimum, and your posts MTR related.

Any questions or comments about therobinsons can be sent to thekingofspain at 'r041493' AT 'gmail.com'.
Put large pictures behind a cut. Limit teaser icons to 3. Adult artwork is allowed, behind a cut. Trolling and harassment of members will get you banned, NQA.
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